Impact of Psychotherapeutic support, Journal of Clinical Oncology psychotherapeutic support

Termografi för bröstundersökning Thermografi

Thermografi versus mammography Medical Infrared Imaging_MammoVision

För och nackdelar med mammografi mammografi-svensk

Mammography may increase the risk for breastcancer Mammography may increase breast cancer

Hyperthermia in combined treatment with cancer, Lancet oncology WustLancetOncol022002

International study of Hyperthermia, Journal of the National Cancer Institute Issels Hyperthermia 2010i

Hyperthermia, A Potent Enhancer for Radiotherapy, Clnical oncology horsman_clinicalOncology_aug2007_Hyperthermia as potent enhancer to Radiotherapy

Inhibition of Glycolysis in cancer cells COY Inhibition of Glycolysis in Cancer Cells – A Novel Strategy to overcome Drug Resistence_Xu_Cancer Res2005

Antioxidants together with radiation and chemo therapy chemo and antioxidants

Antioxodants, chemo and radiation part 1 antioxidants and chemo
Part 2 part two

Impact of antioxidant supplementation on chemotherapeutic toxicity part three

Chinese medicine and cancer care chinese medicin and cancercare

Artemisinin and cancer artemisinin_and_cancer

The new potential of C-vitamin The new potential of vitamin C

Pharmacokinetics of oral vitamin C Dr Hickey Clinical Study Published

Amygdalin Amygdalin_Eppst_Barr_Fukuda

Amygdalin – B17, studier från Japan 7-klinik-studie-japan-Vitamin-B-17

Prostatacancer prostata cancer info

Prostatacancer och selen SVD

Mistelterapi E-ArzneimForschDrugRes Mamma-Ca Bock et al

Mistletoe and melanoma low dose mistletoe melanoma


Quercetin quercetin

Graviola Graviola

Inflammation och kroniska sjukdomar Inflammation och kroniska sjukdomar